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<-  Ray's office.
Main entrance,
World Headquarters,
Dolby Labs Inc.
Alameda St side of SF Building #1
Reverse views from Alameda St.
View from main enterance looking in.
View of main enterance looking out.
View from ground floor to 2nd floor.
View from about half way between SF Building #1 and #2.
100 Potrero Av.
999 Brannon St.
SF Building #2.
[Based on "hear say" from people I know and who worked in this building.]  Somewhat of a story around this building concerning the Soviet Treasury, KGB
and FBI.  Personally I also think there was espionage involved. I think this building was used by the KGB to spy on defence contractors located about 30 to
40 miles South in Silicon Valley.  On several occasions I had been told by an engineer who worked for one of the big aero space companies who did several
radiological surveys for us,  that he had written a program that could read a CRT from as much as 85 miles away.  He said that the Soviets had similar
equipment at the consulate, but I suspect it was here.  Basically this building is a vault.  Designed to he a gem brokerage house.  There are vaults with palm
scanners a helicopter pad on top.  Even after Ray bought the building there are places nobody is allowed to go and sections have been walled off.  Paid $25
million in cash for the building and can't even go into parts of it.