Seems to me that the above objects should be called "stays".  
because they make things
stay in place.
Thus it would follow,  and contrary to popular belief.  
The above object should be called a "
stay putter",
because it "
puts" the "stays" in place.
And of course,  the above object is an actual  
"stay puller",  because it "
pulls"  previously
"put" "stays".
Some of my Ideas.

Yes, maybe No.

It usually depends :
                more on what we
                                       than on what we know.


The meaning of life.  Entropy Engines.  

I base this idea on the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics, Law #2,  concerning
entropy.  Life increases the rate of entropy in the Universe.


Crop Circles.  Target practice.

I think the contemporary day crop of circles are produced by high power
inferred lasers mounted in an air craft or low orbit satellite.  

The complex graphical patterns are simply projected. IR is projected in a
plane just above the surface of the ground.  This causes heating of the crop
stems and explosive expansion of steam that breaks the crop's stalks
causing them to fall over.

Probably takes all of two seconds with an invisible IR laser,  at night from a
hundred miles away.

Done deal !

To many targets ?

The crop circle idea came to me when I was wondering why the US
Government puts so much effort into denying the observation of UFOs.  

What are they hiding.  What knowledge would be such a threat to National
Security that so much effort is expended in blowing smoke.

One of the more difficult things to explain about observed UFO activity is the
radical acceleration they appear to be capable of.

It occurred to me that giving chase to such an object would be a little like a
kitten chasing the beam of a flashlight.

Then it occurred to me what the effect of saturating a defence radar system
with virtual targets that were visible at both radio and optical frequencies,  
could be.

Being able to generate targets that are both visible to the eye and to radar,
at will,  in conjunction with B-2 and F-117 type stealth equipment,  would
give penetrating threat areas a higher probability.

Maybe the secret is the ability to project very believable virtual targets.  
Create virtual images that people would insist are real.  Because they can
see them on radar and with their eyes.  Such targets would demand
attention form an area defence system.

Bear in mind that Spread Spectrum Radar Systems exist and most likely with
target tracking abilities.  This means that for instance a B-2 could identify
targets and threats in a targeted area in real time without the defence
systems being aware of the fact that they were being compromised.

It was the idea of projecting an image into the sky for defence purposes that
made me think of the crop circles.  I knew there was a characteristic of crop
circles that seemed common to me,  but couldn't put words to it.  Then I
realized that the commonality was that they all look like they were projected
onto the crops from above.

The Air Force has several 747 aircraft equipped with high power chemical
lasers.  I believe that they work in the inferred spectrum.  These lasers are
intended to shoot down incoming ICBMs from something like 200 miles

When I was working with Air Force target tracking radars in the 70's,  I was
told that the big space tracking radars in Guam used crashed satellite debris
on the Moon to align their systems.  I was reading the specifications for one
of those systems back then and it mentioned being capable of placing a 1
foot square of metal within 3 feet at a thousand miles.

The rest of the crop circle idea just fell together.  If it has anything to do with
reality,  it's not my fault.
Dead Humor
International Symbol For :
Intellectual Hazard Zone
I think if it were up to me,  and I wanted to meet some UFOs,  without
attracting much attention.  I would keep a six pack on ice up at the
International Space Station.
  Just another silly thought.

Our entire visible Universe is inside of a
Super Massive Black Hole.

Distance is an illusion produced by gravity.  

Maybe the distance between any two objects
can be expressed in terms of the strength of
a gravitational field between them.  

Maybe not.  I don't know.
A 747-100 carries 423 crew and passengers.

Flight time London to New York, (shortest)  =  7:25 hrs.
Air distance London to New York = 3456 mi.     (zero, one, two,...,seven,
eight, nine).
Fuel Burn Rate (gal/h) = 3,638.
Average Air Speed (km/h) = 825.6.
Fuel consumed = 26,981 gallons of fuel, (80.9 tons).

It takes one acre of forest,  125 years to fix the carbon released by a 747,
one way London to New York.

World   population is currently increasing at about 1 person every 2.7
3,600 seconds / hour.
3600 / 2.7 = 1,333 more people per hour.
24 * 1,333 = 32,000 more people per day.

32,000 / 423 = 75.65,  747s full of additions to the world population each
I have been wondering for a little while what it was costing us to kill one Iraqi or one US solder.

I for some reason, thought it would be hard to find some numbers, more the case,  too many.

I found some numbers to start with, they change every day given the dynamics of the process.

Just some quick numbers,  that I will add details to later.  The numbers come form several easily found
Web sites.  From invasion to 4 April 2008.

US cost $513+ Billion.  

US military dead 4037
All US supported military dead 4347
Iraqi Civilian war related deaths 82,856 - 90,390
Total of shown 94,737

Per Capita death.
  $5,407,939.87 All deaths / US cost.
  $5,668,016.37 Civilian / US cost.
126,909,090.90 US military /US cost.  (I just knew, we are special.)

A few more bits about the Cost:
$4,681 per household.
$1,721 per person.
$341.4 million per day.

Our government will pay $5 million for one dead Iraqi.
It will pay $126 million for one dead US solder.
And $600 for a live US Citizen.  Odd that only the living will have to pay the cost for the dead.

All we need to do,  to get out of this,  is to find about 90,000 US citizens with extra pocket cash of $5
million each to foot the bill for the rest of us.  A nice thing,  because most of us can't afford to drop $5
million, for now, and keep up with the mortgage.  Still somebody will have to pick up the tab.

Still we could get out of this problem,  of finding people who will give us that $5 million.  We just need a
roll model,  an example from somebody who,  would not be to inconvenienced,  as they would be trying
to encourage the others they have influence upon,  to also step up to the plate and show their
willingness to support their country while at the same helping those with more limited resources not be
as burdened.  For some even the US, a per capita bill of $1,721,  could pay for a day in a hospital, a
month with a home,  food, cloths for the kids, heat, power, transportation  Like most of us.

I think that the one man who could invoke a dynamic change to the current situations and has the
respect of so many others like him.  That real change would be possible if he,  in a public forum,  to
again, encourage others like him to do the same would solder just $5 million of what the rest of will pay.  

 I really think,  even if he was the only one to personally bear the cost of one life, a symbolic gesture,  
and example to us all, almost a leader.

 How long would this war in Iraq last,  if Mr. Bush was compelled to pay that first $5 million in pocket
change and all those who follow his example of the leader he is to all of us.

If it started costing him that $5 million for each body bag.  This war would not last long.  But as long as
he can get us to pay that $5 million dollar service fee.  For his leadership,  I bet he will let us do it for just
as long as he wants.

I'm not saying that he should go to Iraq and put his life in jeopardy,  just pay his fair share.  

Just to show us,  that even he,  is so committed to his policies,  that he would pay good money,  just to
show all of us that he is as willing to buying into those policies,   as he is willing to make us.

How can our leader send us the bill for something he is not willing to pay himself.

Come on George,  show us how much you really care for your countrymen.  We are going to pay our
share,  we are all in our own way responsible for the war.  As our leader show us in the most American
way possible,  put your money where your mouth is.

My Grand Father gave me this coin for
my 14th birthday.
An appreciation of the most beautiful coin ever minted,

The Saint-Gaudens double eagle.
Basically speaking,  there are only two
types of people on this planet.

Those who leave the Insert Key,  ON
and those who don't.
Int24h         Note :       

I made a mistake,  and against my better judgement,  installed the
latest version of SumBich an HTML editor.  

I simply wanted to move part of this page to a new one, 1k, and add
some text explanations to some of the GUIs toward the bottom of this

That move,  kicked out
627,000 page faults, and took 14 seconds of
2.4Gig CPU time.  It took about 16 threads and kept at least 6 at
priority 15 while  making several hundred million bytes of I/O reads.  

I had this page finished then SB lost it's GUI,  and my access to what I
had just finished.  Square One.  

This page was recovered.  So if there seems to be a disconnect in the
text below,  you are probably correct.  I'm working on it.  
My feeling  about what was going on, is primarily
based on ignorance.  
I don't have enough information to claim more, yet.

I think that my primary issue with the editor was slow execution.  The
primary cause of the slow speed was Page Faults.  They are very
normal, and the primary mechanism  for the CPU to make data
available for reading.  But in my opinion :

The Page Fault Delta was too high.
Too many high priority threads.
Too much Read I/O activity,  Number & Volume.

The online support was beyond my capacity to communicate with.  
After about 4 weeks,  I told them that I would write about a previous
experience of mine with their software, from several years ago. That
may be relevant.  I said that I saw there was a possibility of

Within 24 hours I received contact from more senior staff.  Leaving me
with the impression that maybe I did have enough information.

I think the original upgrade editor had a memory pointer problem and a
Trojan Horse.  In the process of my 4 weeks of support, my connection
to support got hijacked.  The one thing that I did do was to un-install
the first upgrade as requested and get a new copy of the package
from a link in the email.  About a week later, the weekly  Norton AV
Sweep found a Trojan.  Norton said the likely source was an email.

The only email I had received between the weekly AV scans,  with a
Domainkeys = fail (no sig), was from the software support.

At this point I will sit back and watch.  I may end up with twice as much
to write about.
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