Evaluation :
Analog, Digital w/ Dolby Labs.  Noise Reduction,  HX,  Surround, Pro Logics, Dolby Digitals.
Combat : B-52,  FB-111  w/ Strategic Air Command U.S.A.F.

Maintenance,  Repair & Operations :
Consumer Audio, R&D.

Computer:  ASUS P-IVB 2.4G/533M FSB,  AGP 3X, 512M DDR, NEC MultiSync 19" TFT LCD,
300G ATA100 HD.   Norton Utilities,  Norton Commander (DOS),  AutoScript 5.0 w/ HP1600CM DeskJet, HP4C scanner.  
When I get the chance to build it up,  I have a 3.0G HT Enabled P-IV /800M FSB, 1G PC3200 DDR, AGP 4X, 300G SATA.

OS,  Windows 2000 Pro, have run Windows 95,  Windows 3.0, DOS 2.0 on in the past.

RADAR:  Ground Based, S-band & J-band Conical & Mono Pulse Target Tracking Radar,             
Analog Ballistics Computers.

Development / Creation :
Analog / Digital,
Analog / Digital Interfaces using SPI, Parallax Basic Stamps & Visual Basic 6.0 Pro.
Analog Signal Buffers, Single Ended & Balanced Differential I/O.
Analog & Digital Signal Switching.
Analog & Digital Test Fixtures.

Audio Test Automation using :
Audio Precision System 1 & System 2, (S1.exe & APWin),
HP3561a Dynamic Signal Analyzer,  
HP54602b Digital Scope,  
HPE3631a Power Supply,  

Automated Test Work Load Distribution by Coordinating Multiple PCs on TCP/IP networks.

Windows Based:  Command Line Applications,  Drivers.  Window Command Level Scripting.

AutoCAD 13c4, (a personal, licensed copy).  3-D, PCB, schematic, labels,  Corel Photo Paint

Languages, :
Primarily BASIC, (self taught +20 years).  

Semesters of :
DOS,  C-Language,  ASM-86,  Advanced C-Language w/ASM,  8085 Architecture.  

I have used UNIX and LINIX as well as Japanese Versions of Windows to control various
sample test fixtures and evaluation boards.

Manufacture Audio Power Amplifiers :
I helped design and have personally built five 50 watt tube based
guitar power amplifiers.  Custom wound power  
transformers.  Using a Schumacher 495D output transformers with two EL-34 outputs and three 12AX7 preamp
Welcome to my site.  
I am primarily interested is working in a consulting capacity,  ideally telecommuting.  

Most of my technical experience with
Dolby Labs was centered on qualifying engineering samples of
OEM equipment and ICs for licensing approval.  This incorporated everything necessary to make valid
measurements and collect good data concerning the functionality of our IP,  however embedded in any
proprietary   subsystem,( hardware or software),  that the OEM supplied us with.  

This was R&D or Engineering samples,  in the process of being developed.  Generally speaking
no two
samples were ever the same.
Once a product or IC was approved it normally was not tested again. The
technology changes every six months.   Each sample represented the state of the art in what ever
application our licensee had intended for our process.  

This means that basically there was
nothing static or consistent about the interfaces we were
presented with to collect our data on how well the licensee implemented our technology.

Fundamental understanding of what our requirements were,  so that custom  test procedures could be
created as required for the individual sample, so that the results were meaningful and relevant to our
test standards,  was paramount.  The testing process was not cook book.  Other than the technical
requirements as our guide.  There was a great need to be
flexible and creative.  The documentation we
were supplied with,  may be incomplete, incorrect, non-existent or just not in English,  this included the
operating system of PCs supplied with some of the samples.   And all of this had to be dealt with in our
two week turn around period,  so as not to burden the production schedule of our licensee.

So this meant
creating tests,  test data forms, building test fixtures and cables,  set up PCs,  obtain or
make special equipment,  create
test automation software,  create test signals as necessary,  get the
sample working,  collect data, analyze the data and approve the product or make specific
recommendations for corrective measures to be taken by the licensee in order to gain technical

At any one given time,  several evaluations may have been at various stages of completion.  There was a
very personal one on one relationship between us and the product design engineers.   There was
unlimited email and phone calls,  
what ever it took to get the product to meet our requirements.  If a
processor worked well testing may only take a day.  But I have spent as much as 1.5 years involved in
the development of a single licensee's IC.

Along with the basic testing,  I had to be good in the machine shop and the PCB lab,  at creating foil
patterns in CAD and get them photo plotted and etched.  Knowledge of C-Language,  (I took several
semesters of C-Language and ASM86),   of   Visual Basic,  the ability to
program the test equipment,
(GPIB),  (some tests required over a thousand measurements),  automate the export of test data into
Word as text or graphics for documentation purposes,  write a meaningful
technical report for our
records and presentation to the licensee.  Remember,  this is a laboratory.

I also spent a year working for our Engineering Department during the
R&D phase of Dolby S-Type NR,
creating both
hardware and software.  I was responsible for the technical indoctrination of our new
technicians and engineers in our bench test methods and listening tests.  I
wrote two test procedure
manuals,  one for Noise Reduction ICs and one for Pro Logic ICs,  (for use by our licensees and in
house staff).

I spent $35,000 out of pocket to
purchase my own automated test equipment so I could develop my ATE
programming skills on my own time.  I also purchased my own copy of AutoCAD for $3k.  I have an ADSL
with a router & hub and 4 PCs plus a laptop.  My main PC is a 2.4GHz P-IV on an ASUS P4B-533 MB
w/512Meg,  w/330Gig,  AGP3,  19" NEC MultiSync TFT LCD,  W2k Pro.  I also have a 27" LCD HDTV,
Sony RDR-GX7 DVD recorder,  Sony DCR-DVD108 camcorder, Olympus E-20n digital camera,   
[Kenwood VR-6070 AC-3/CS/SRS WOW,  6-channel, (100w ea),  decoder],  Dolby Surround Encoder,  
SRS WOW broadcast encoder & decoder monitor.  I have a 4,000 watt,  gasoline powered generator and
a 70,000 watt,  gasoline powered Kawasaki KZ-1000 LTD B-3.  (past: Kawasaki KZ-900, Yamaha
DT-400 and Yamaha RD-250).

After leaving Dolby,
 I did some audio design consulting for a company called Peripheral Electronics,  for
about a year.  Also during this time,  I have been
teaching myself about using micro controllers
primarily with SPI type of peripherals.  So far I have purchased several dozen Parallax Stamps and have
put them to a number of interesting uses.  The primary focus here is, "No Audio", just micro. I recently
built a
GPS receiver from  a TYCO Electronics A1035-C Smart GPS Antenna Module and took it on a  
ride from Anchorage to Fairbanks with my laptop recording the NMEA sentences.   As well as teaching
my self about using the uCs,   I am also
in the process of building 10,  fifty watt tube based guitar
, (head and speaker case),  so far I have completed 5 of them.

Prior to Dolby Labs,  I spent a few years
running several service departments for a company called
Pacific Stereo, this  followed two semesters at a local J.C.,  that followed a little
over 5 years in the Air
and High School.

In the Air Force,  I was a
Crew Chief and Automatic Target Tracking Radar/Computer Technician.  

In High School I had a hand fed 12" x 18" Chandler & Price platen letter press.  On one job for Kaiser
 I fed over 100,000 sheets of paper into my press one at a time.  It took me several weeks.  
I built a HeathKit oscilloscope in about 9th grade,  still have it,  still works.  Also about that time I built an
adding and subtracting machine from old scrap germanium transistors that I got from junked IBM main
frame PCBs.

It's hard to say what I know,  but it's probably more than you expect.  I have a wide
verity of skill sets that
fall in the range of the items listed below.  I have a fairly good set of equipment here at home that can
handle most of my needs.  If not I'll build something.

I'm interested in doing some consulting work or small projects,  like :

performance test and measurement with documentation,
analog audio design and testing,
digital audio testing,
reverse engineering electronic hardware,  
electronic trouble shooting,
test creation,
test automation,
data processing for report documentation
micro controller and SPI devices,
Visual Basic 6.0 Pro,
AutoCAD,  2-D & 3-D,
mechanical fabrication,  mild steel, aluminum, brass, acrylic plastic,  wood.

Audio Design
Audio Testing
Test Automation
Micro Control
Mixed Signal Applications

I intend to post links to information that I have found useful when building things,  be they hardware or

I will also post images of some of my different projects,  that if nothing else could be interesting to view.

While OK2Work
Select Case Interested
Case Audio : Call Audio
Case CAD : Call Cad   
Case Fabrication : Call Fabrication
Case Micro_Control : Call Micro_Control
Case Visual_Basic : Call Visual_Basic
Case Switching : Call Switching
Case More_About : Call More_About
End Select

Textbox.text = "Thanks for stopping by," &
vbCrLf & "Ken"

End Sub '-- MAIN() '-- main index --'
Private Sub Visual_Basic() '== Rev. 6.0 Pro
Dim Interest As Boolean
Visual Basic 6.0 Pro Edition :
Test automation.
Data processing.
Report Generation.
Dynamic OS Level Scripting
Remote Program Control of secondary PCs via TCP/IP.
Remote Program Control of Hardware via RS-232.
If Interest Then Call More(Visual_Basic)
End Sub '-- Visual_Basic() '-- Test Automation
Visual BASIC 6.0 Pro
Private Sub Micro_Control() '==
DIM Interest As Boolean
Micro Processors Coding :
8085, dev.  board machine code

8088/NEC-V20, I386, 16-bit code using :
MS ASM-86, MS C-Language,  
MS Quick Basic,  MS BASICA,  

Pentium#, 32-bit code using :
MS Visual Basic 6.0 Pro

Micro Controllers :
Parallax used :
BS-1        8-bit
BS2        e, pe, OEM        16-bit
If Interest Then Call More(Micro_Control)
End Sub '-- Micro_Control() '-- audio
char far *r_o(y) /* ***** page offset pointer to first byte of raster **** */
int y;
long temp;                /* place to hold far pointer        */
unsigned int offset, segment;
char far *raster_offset;
segment = 0xb000;        

offset = (8192 * ( y % 4 )) + ( 90 * ( y / 4 ));
temp = segment;
temp <<= 16;
temp += offset;
raster_offset = (char far *)temp;

return(raster_offset);                /* return byte offset        */

} /* end of page offset ************************************************** */

memerr() /* ***** memory allocation error ************************ */
puts ( "Un-able to allocate un-initilized program memory.\n" );
puts ( "This is a Fatal error. Sorry Bunky--\n" );
} /* end of memory allocation error handler ********************** */
Private Sub Audio() '==
Dim Interest As Boolean
Evaluation of audio signal processors.

I spent 23 years working for Dolby Labs. Licensing Corp.,  doing bench testing of
prototype analog and digital signal processors manufactured by other companies,
(Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Motorola, TI, STMicro,  LSI,  Samsung,  Pioneer, National
Semiconductor,  Sanyo,  Analog Devices,  NEC and others), that contained Dolby
IP and prior to the release for sale to OEMs.

It started out with a little over 10 years of working on tape noise reduction systems,
(B,C,S-type NR, testing & R&D).  I got rather deep in to cassette type tape machine
design in general.    

That evolved into testing prototype Dolby Surround, Pro Logic, Dolby Digital AC-3,  
digital Pro Logics, EX and finally B-Type Noise Reduction on a Motorola DSP
engine.    Motorola was the first company to do a working DSP implementation of
Dolby B-type NR for cassette tape.  As of the end of 2003 Dolby Labs could not
make a working DSP B-NR decoder.  (I would expect that by now Mark Davis has
turned his attention to that one for a minute or two and cleared that problem.  He
did implement Dolby Spectral a 10 band compressor in software.)

Additionally :
I own an Audio Precision System 2322 Dual Domain.  
Write audio test automation code for GPIB and API.  This includes the control of
Windows applications to work with my automation coding.
I regularly create and build test adaptors and do
Prototype fabrication.
I also write data processing & report generation code.  My first test automation
system included a 135 page users manual.
If Interest Then Call More(Audio)
End Sub '-- Audio() '-- audio
Welcome to my site.  

I'm interested in doing some consulting work or small projects
relating to the subjects listed below :

Audio Design
Audio Testing
Test Automation
Micro Control
Mixed Signal Applications

I intend to post links to information that I have found useful when
building things,  be they hardware or software.

I will also post images of some of my different projects,  that if
nothing else could be interesting to view.

While OK2Work
Select Case Interested
Case Audio : Call Audio
Case CAD : Call Cad   
Case Fabrication : Call Fabrication
Case Micro_Control : Call Micro_Control
Case Visual_Basic : Call Visual_Basic
Case Switching : Call Switching
Case More_About : Call More_About
End Select

Textbox.text = "Thanks for stopping by," &
vbCrLf & "Ken"

Private Sub CAD() '== Drafting
Dim Interest As Boolean
I own a copy of AutoCAD 13r4.  
Some of the uses I find for it :
3-D Modeling,
Mechanical Fabrication,
PCB Design,  
Schematic Drafting,  
Drill Templates,
Complex Report Forms,
Program Modeling,
Private Sub Fabrication() '== Boxes
Dim Interest As Boolean
Fabrication :
If Interest Then Call More(CAD)
End Sub '-- CAD() '--
If Interest Then Call More(Fabrication)
End Sub '-- Fabrication() '-- Test Fixtures
Gizmo's Camera Pod.  
Contains :
1 Micro Controller,
1 Dual Axis Thermal Accelerometer,
1 Ultrasonic Range Finder,
1 Laser Pointer,
1 Color 1/3" CCD Camera.  
Camera Pod

also shown on the
left.  The pod
housing was made
from hollow brass
stock and a coffee
This is the original contents of the main index page.
This is my first attempt at a web site.  So things,  will no doubt
be, dynamic for a while. Change is the only constant.
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