My logo is constructed from 3 sets of text.  
Obliquing the turquoise and green in opposite
directions. I then rotated those texts around the
x-axis. I like the effect.  I played with the colors and
weight in an attempt to make the image easier for
me to see.
Drawing Layer 0
Vector Page Index
Drawing Layer 02
Drawing Layer 04
OD-50 Panel Labels
Block 2
Drawing Layer 06
OD-50 Panel Labels
Block 4
Test Fixture Schematic:
A utility box used for listening test on noise reduction
processors.  Also shows a code utility for predicting the
noise reduction effect to be expected from a DUT.

Wireing diagram for my bench:
Shows the analog and digital audio signal flow of my test
bench setup.
New Art Work:
New drawings showing the latest version of the
labels showing the complete labels.

Panel Results:
The 5th sample.

All 5 Labels:
Picture of all the 5 current labels.
Drawing Layer 03
OD-50 Panel Labels
Block 1
Drawing Layer 05
OD-50 Panel Labels
Block 3
Label art work.

Back Masked Text:
A way that I construct text.
Press & Light Table:
A drawing and pictures of the press.  Pictures of
a small light table I made to assemble the labels

Panels Results:
Pictures of the first 2 attempts results.
Drawing Layer 01
PCB Foil Patterns:
Part of a reverse engineering
project, relating to IP issues.

Art work resulting from the RE

Foil pattern for a utility audio
buffer.  One of 6 cards.  Each card
contains an Instrumentation
Amplifier switchable with a pair of
single ended inputs.  Following the
Input stages is a +/-20dB gain
stage. There 2 outputs per
channel one can be phase flipped
to provide a Push-Pull output.  
Typically powered from a Lab
Supply it can also be run off of
sets of 9V batteries.

Some time I will use ACAD to think
with.  The drawing at the upper
right of the page,  shows some
thought on calculating speaker
crossover network characteristics
Bass Management used in

Some drawings of pyramids that I
did for fun to show to a friend of
mine who is extremely interested in
such things.
Panel Results:
Pictures of third & fourth trys.
Drawing Layer 07
AP Switch Box
Panel Labels
Block 3
Passive I/O:
Extends the functionality of
the AP, stock, I/O.
Drawing Layer 08
Wood Frame:
Thinking about some storage
[                                     ]
[                           ]