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More Symbols :
Exit Sub '--
Private Sub MORE_TO_COME(Tym as Int)
Dim now as Int

While now < tym
End Sub '
More CAD :
Above is part of a dwg that I did as part of a reverse engineering project relating to patent infringement.  I needed to create the schematic of an audio signal
processor based on a PCB that I was provided with.  

The board was double sided surface mount with about 700 components and around 300 plated feed throughs.

I started out by making a 3D model of the board using polylines for the foil traces and making block entities for each of the component types.
Once the 3D model was complete,  I then redefined the 3D component blocks into the appropriate schematic symbols and remove mechanical references.

In the center and left of the
above screen capture the component blocks for some diodes and resistors are visible.  

In the same view
below the component blocks have been redefined to schematic symbol blocks.
In the view above, there are two 8-pin SOICs shown in the lower right of the dwg, located above a circle with a central green dot.

After I finished the project,  I went back and embellished some of the component blocks to make them more interesting.

In the view below, the same ICs are viewed from below and front.
Some times I just use ACAD to think with.

Above are some notes I made while working on an algorithm for a
program, (right side of page), to use with my Audio Precision to characterize bass
management speaker crossover networks.
These images are of one card of a floating 6 channel differential I/O, audio signal line buffer
that I designed and built for my testing purposes back about a dozen years ago.  I still use it,
and so far it has never broke on me.  (KOW :-)
See the Buffer at the bottom of this page.
A friend of mine is an Egyptologist.  I was showing her how ACAD could be used to image the contents of a tomb.  She is concerned
with the orientation of tombs and other ancient Egyptian structures.  She uses a simple
clinometer, compass and a wrist watch with GPS.

For fun,  I just got a smart antenna
GPS module that I would like to get to record locations that I can port to ACAD.
Interpolating a value from  curve function.
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