OB-1, Det 5 1CEVG, Wilder RBS, Idaho
Det 5 : MSQ-77, TLQ-11,  MPS-9,  OA-215.  The 77 is mostly hidden by the TLQ-11
in this picture.
AN/TLQ-11  J-band random noise jammer slave.
AN/MPS-9 E-band Conical Scan Target Tracker.  On the right is a
IFF/SIF,  (Identification, Friend/Foe / Singularly Identifiable
Feature), antenna tub.
AN/MPS-9,  High Voltage Cabinet on the left and Modulator and
Receiver Cabinet on the right..
AN/MPS-9,  Driver's Seat.
MSQ-77 Antenna
MSQ-77 Antenna
View from the top of the MPS-9,  looking South over the Snake River.
Our First Shirt.
Msgt.  BD
(Black Dog)

Permanent Party before I arrived and
after I shipped out.

He wondered onto the site when he
was a puppy.   We kept a big bag of Dog
Food for him and once a year we took
him to the Vet to remove bullets and
what ever else he picked up on his