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      The base of this  PanVice,  is bolted to the work surface with a
hand tight 1/4" bolt.  Not the original reason for the hole but it works.
      There are two holes for 1/4" bolts.

      Basically a vice that i made for scoring and cutting plastic, Vero
Board or edging plastic or metal.
      Probably one of my most useful tools.  

      It is a keyless chuck mounted to a roller bearing assembly.

      With the bearing sitting in the palm of my hand,  I can apply a good
amount of pressure while easily rotate the bit.  

      Brass and plastic are easy to drill by hand.
      Placing a small section of brass over a drill bit will help
prevent blemishing the surface being drilled when it punches
through.  With wood the cuttings will usually remain inside the
      The hole on the left was drilled without a brass sleeve over the bit.

      The hole on the right was drilled using a brass drill stop.
      I also use the keyless chuck for tapping and
for cutting small diameter tubeing.