Reusable Yahtzee
score card.
I wanted to see if using thicker plastic when
making a single sided laminated label would
affect the amount of curling produced.

I thought that maybe a reusable Yahtzee
score sheet would be neat.

I originally made this drawing back in Feb,
'98 for my then girl friend who needed lots of
Yahtzee score sheets.

We simply printed a pile of these then glued
them into pads.

I thought that with a small grease pencil and
a laminated score sheet she wouldn't run
into running out of.
     For the OD=50 labels, I used 1/16" acrylic
for the 3" x 18".  The single sided labels curled
along the short 3" dimension.

     For this lamination I used some 1/8"
thickness.  Almost no curling.  I didn't think it
would make such a difference.

     I left the laminant in the press for about an
hour longer than the current 4 hours to see
what that would do.  I made it really hard to
seperate the steel from the plastic.

     I think I will print out a photo and laminate it
to see how it looks.
Battery Tool
     I use a lot of rechargable batteries,  both
NiCAD and NiMh.  I think close to 50 now,  
most being AA size.
      I got tired of the juggling act it
seem to take to measure the battery
voltages with the small grabbers that I
like to use with my meters.
     So I took a section of 9"16" round
Brass stock and mounted a connector
at the bottom of the tube section that
makes contact with the bottom terminal
of an AA cell placed inside.  
     That allowed me to hold the battery
and connect to it, all with one hand.  
     It worked great.  
     I then made similar battery holders
for AAA and C size cells.
     Always needing to push the
envelope, I decided to take it to the
next level.

     I decided to make a battery carrier
with a number of terminaled slots for
AA cells.  Originally there were to be
16 holes,  but I broke a drill bit that is
embedded in the plastic where the
16th hole should be.

     It makes it very easy to manage
the batteries and get a better handle
on keeping all the batteries evenly
charged rather than letting them stray
in the amount of remaining charge,  
     I mounted some 25mW White Light LEDs into some old IC rails.  I then put Velcro on
the back side so that I can hang them where desired.  I use Velcro like some people use
peg board to hang tools.