Delphi - FOR YOUR EYE,
oh my.  
( In July, two thousand and Fi )
( Editorial license )
This HTML editor says the image below is original size.  I thought it looked much bigger in person ;-)
The file size is 3.078 Meg.
I have another 25 more Delphi images that I set aside to post.  
Mostly the museum and visitors center.  I took around 500
images on this trip.
You may get the impression that I was also impressed with the view from here.  
I had cross linked  "7 Wonders of the World" and Delphi,  in my mind.  And was about to make a clever
comment.  But went to check  first, and found that I was wrong.  I pushed a little further and found,  the proper
phrase is,
"Seven Wonders Of Ancient Greece". So I may continue.

I was simply going to say that,  I didn't understand why they applied the term "Wonder" to describe this place.  
The view alone makes it obvious to me that there is nothing to wonder about.  :-)

(Maybe a stretch,  but this is not a technology page either, just pictures.)