This is my first attempt at a web site.  So things,  
will no doubt be, dynamic for a while. Change is
the only constant.
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IBM Magnetic Core Memory.
Non-volatile, EMP proof.
Funny thing, ha-ha,  I tried to send an email to IBM,  to see if
they had any history or were interested in this very old 100 bit
memory card, (1 of 3).  The Tech in San Jose had no idea what it
was.  I couldn't believe it

IBM's very "turbo smart" mail system would not accept my email in
any way, shape or form as long as it referenced memory and I
could not tell them which IBM computer the memory was for.

This is the oldest magnetic core memory card that I could find on
the Net.

I've had these cards since the mid 60's
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One of these days I want to hook one
of these cards up to a Parallax Stamp
to see if it still works.  The bearing may
have gone dry by now.
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Some how I don't think this was made
by a non-organic machine.  The only
text on any of these cards is the IBM
stamp all the rest is hand written.

Maybe made in the late 50's.
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Looks like it says IBM 127.