This is my first attempt at a web site.  So things,  
will no doubt be, dynamic for a while. Change is
the only constant.
Micro Control :
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Micro Processors & Micro Controllers :
Devices :
Ultra Sonic Ranging
Analog to digital converter        8-bit
4 char, 16 segment LED displays
4 line by 20 char LCD display
Servo and stepper motors.
Some projects :
Gizmo :
Three asynchronous uCs interact via RS-232.
   Primary uC:
           Four bit keyboard debounce/decode.
           Azimuth & Elevation servo drive control.
           Writes data to four, 4 character 16 segment LED displays via a 4 wire synchronous serial buss.
           Sends commands to and receives data from the 2nd and 3rd controllers via a two wire RS-232.

   Second uC:
           Calculation of pedestal tilt using a dual axis accelerometer.
           Calculation of range to target using an ultra sonic range finder.
           Control laser pointer.
           Provide elevation angle and range on request of the primary controller.

   Third uC:
           Read 8-bit DAC for SIN & COS of target azimuth, (rectangular).
           Manage a FPU to calculate target azimuth, (polar),  as arc tangent of the DAC values.
           Writes data to a 20 char X 4 line LCD.

Charge Pump.
Used to drive a mechanical voltage charge pump.  It did work boosting 5V to about 18V at around 20ma.  Used 4
DPDT DIP relays controlled with an 8-bit shift register/latch.  (It made me laugh.)

Watering plants.
Watered my plants for 15 days last July when I was in Greece.

Measure the taper of an audio potentiometer.
Uses a stepper motor to turn a potentiometer in 7.5 degree increments then measures the electrical position of the
wiper from a RC time constant.  Plots the results to a text box.

Digital audio bit stream switch w/ RS-232.
Four button keyboard debounce/decode.
Smart bit stream switch control.
Programmable Remote control via RS-232.
(Used for testing multichannel DSPs.  Allows the selection from, 1-of-4 bit stream sources, (optical or electrical) for routing to test
equipment for measurement.)

Speaker switching for 3 X 2 ch w/ RS-232.
Push button control of speakers as three banks of 2 speakers.  Allows remote and programmable control of a
speaker system.  Includes EEPROM.
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While now < tym
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Meet Gizmo.

No goal, no scope, no exit strategy, no
idea.  Just put a few Stamps on the
same frame and see what happens.
Monitoring signals used to drive
the 4 character LED display at
the edge of the screen.  Later I
would use four of them to
display angle and range
information produced by the uC
in the camera pod.
! Gizmo !