This is my first attempt at a web site.  So things,  
will no doubt be, dynamic for a while. Change is
the only constant.
Various Radars

Radar Simulator, 4017th Combat Crew Training Squadron, 93rd Bomb Wing.  Located at Castle AFB Merced CA, 1972.  We performed high altitude TPRs, (Target Penetration
Runs), for student B-52 aircrews, ("Charlie" Crews).  

On occasion we would get a "Cease Buzzer" from SFO approach in San Francisco when the student EWO, (Electronics Warfare Officer),  would put too much juice to the jammer.  

Once I think I locked up an SR-71 climbing out of Beale AFB, just for a few seconds,  moving like a bat out of hell, buzzed me once and gone.  The only reason I think it was a Black
Bird is that it moved way faster than anything else I ever saw on radar.  All be it, my experience was basically  limited to B-52s,  FB-111s and RAF Vulcans out of Canada.  

I was involved in moving a site from La More ND to Byron WY.  For the first 3 months we ran ORIs and By Nones.  The Vulcans were used to calibrate our bombing range.   After
setting up the site we still had about 2 months left on the TDY.  During that time we ran ORIs, (Operational Readiness Inspection),  and By Nones for about 2 months.  During that
time we had Bufs, (B-52s,  Buf standing for, "Big Ugly Fucker"), at the IP almost every 15 minutes to run the range.  For all that 2 months we had no "2 Charlies" or replot errors.

One of the more impressive things I did,  (along with actually being stationed on an Air Base),  was to go and sit at the end of the runway where the B-52s touched down.  Most of us
1CEVG never got to see a B-52 any closer than when they ran TA, (Terrain Avoidance), because most of us never lived on an Air Patch.  Let me tell you them things are BIG
when they touch down.  It's really hard to fight the urge to crawl under the closest rock.  At sun set they look like the dark silhouette of a monstrous bird flaring it's wings to land.  Or
not :-)
Pictures of VULCANs along with their links.
A video clip at YouTube.
Just couldn't resist :-)
4017th CCTS, 93rd Bomb Wing,
Castle AFB Merced, CA

I wanted to find an image of the Star Ship

Like most people,  I knew it's serial number was

So I typed it into Wikipedia and, "
Bigger Than
",  there she was.

(the image is linked to Wikipedia.)
High Level IP,  Inbound.  Running :Sync, Alt, Sync on ....
MPS-9 Antenna
Parking Lot
Pickup Truck
Pole with Power Transformer.