My logo is constructed from 3 sets of text.  
Obliquing the turquoise and green in opposite
directions. I then rotated those texts around the
x-axis. I like the effect.  I played with the colors and
weight in an attempt to make the image easier for
me to see.
Visual Basic 6.0.02
Visual Basic 6.0.04
Source Code Automation
Visual Basic 6.0.06
Noise Reduction:
Calculator, flow chart.

Down Mixing:
Error Trapping:
Font Viewers:
Work Log Tool:
Visual Basic 6.0.03
Visual Basic 6.0.05
My Style
Test Automation:
Single Data Points.
Matrix Pan Encoder.

Camera Remote Windows GUI.
3-D Plate Characteristics.
BMP Icon Editor.
Visual Basic 6.0.01
Potentiometer Calculator :
Voltage Divider Calculations.
Text & Graphical Output.
Trace Math.

Digitally Control:
Analog Audio Attenuator Digital
Control GUI.
Visual Basic 6.0.07
Wallpaper Copy Tool
Automated Testing

Some :

Bass Management.

Matrix Decoders.
Visual Basic 6.0.08
ACAD Scripting Tool:
I put the AutoCAD Scripting tool on
it's own page.  The result of
becoming a useful tool.
Visual Basic 6.0.09
ACAD Scripting Tool:
3-D Plate Characteristics.
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